4e FR D&D Campaign centered in the Heartlands and Sword Coast.

GM: Lynx1482


Zioran (Shadar-Kai Swordsman)
Aiden (Human Cleric of Selune)
Redgar(Human Warden)

Emmiven (Doppelganger Bard, Harper Agent)
-Accidentally killed during an encounter with The Liberated
-Committed to the Wall of the Faithless

Lora (Human Warlord/Cleric of Ilmater) NPC
-Killed by The Collector, Tenth follower of Thelek, in
The Temple of the Crawling Dark

Malcolm (Human Invoker of Ilmater)
-Killed by Zioran during the final standoff with Thelekanos
after making the decision to kill 8-year old Summer, who was
prophesised to become a Champion of Bane

Inactive Due to Story

Jett (Windsoul Genasi Swordmage)

The Mural on the Wall

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