Windsoul Genasi with leather armor and a broadsword


Str 10 Con 16 Dex 11 Int 19 Wis 10 Cha 10 AC 19 HP 31 Fort 13 Ref 14 Will 12 Broadsword used 1 handed Leather Armor Trained Skills are Arcana, Athletics, Diplomacy, and Endurance. Languages Common and Primordial


Jett was born as a result of an evil mage’s experiment while trying to see what would happen when an elemental was fused with a human. Jett began his life as a sword for hire and was hired by the mage as a guard for his tower. One day the mage called him to his experiment chamber to help him with something and trapped him in a cage. The mage began his experiments by summoning elementals into a cage next to Jett’s and using a spell to attempt the fusion. The mage had tried several different elementals but they all died in the process and Jett himself was looking to be nearing the end of his usefulness when he conjured an air elemental which he successfully fused with Jett. After the fusion was completed the mage began other tests to see if what the end result had created. Jett appeared to look just like a normal genasi except his hair looked like that of a normal person and all of his memories of a human life were gone. One day the mage gave Jet a sword to test whether he had retained his previous abilities at sword fighting. While Jett was practicing with his sword something came back to him a rush of memories of all the pain he had endured at the mage’s hand which caused him to turn on the mage thrusting the sword into his gut and left the mage to die as he went to begin his new life and traveled to the lands of Akanûl to be with other genasi and learn their ways.

While staying with the other genasi in Akanûl he served with the military units as a defender however after one of the larger attacks on his new home left his military unit decimated and the town over run with no survivors to be found he began wandering the lands in search of a way to improve his abilities so that he may take back the lands for his people. Throughout his travels he learned to utilize the arcane arts to improve his fighting abilities as a Swordmage but because of his past encounter with the mage he distrusts most other mages.

Because of the events in the tower Jett does not like to speak of that time and would not have talked to the other party members about his time with the mage.


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