Ziorai'annidun Ilmaranan (Zioran for short) is a shadar-kai swordsman who's been around the block a few times.


Zioran, level 6
Shadar-kai, Battlemind


Scruffy in overall appearance, Zioran wears loose clothing. His skin is pale and ashen, as is common amongst his people. His hair is a black knot of long lusterous hair tied sloppily into a pony tail. A smirk constantly finds itself on his face, and a snappy retort upon his lips.

Weather permitting, Zioran clothes himself simply, preferring loose silken robes and simple sandals. He is generally un-decorated save for a beaded necklace which holds sentimental value for him.

His face is slender, but not unattractive. He has one functional pale-yellow eye. A long scar, long ago carved, traces its way down through his other eye, which remains ever-closed. While his limited vision doesn’t have an effect on his swordsmanship, his depth perception has suffered because of the loss (particularly when drinking).

The most-apt word used to describe Zioran is scoundrel. He is quite cunning at times, and bull-headed at others. Enemies who have survived encounters with him describe him as both a capable combatant and as someone who steps into every trap you place before him.

He is well-armed, carrying a small arsenal of blades with him at all times. Most of these are concealed, and only drawn in case of emergency.

Zioran enjoys a challenge. Be it a fight, a series of drinks or a complicated woman, he throws himself at the problem fully. Neither is he a quitter. When his luck runs thin, he relies on his wit, perseverance and durable flesh to see him through.

Zioran is (mostly) an honorable person. He despises the mistreatment of fellow beings. And, though he has killed many many men and women in his past, he wrestles with atonement. He struggles to separate right from wrong in a given situation. He has already been used as an enforcer for corruption in the past and is wary about being used as such again.

When relaxing, Zioran can often be seen smoking a long pipe with a bottle of wine close by. He enjoys viewing art and reading poetry as a hobby, but scoffs at people who take such things too seriously.

Zioran’s morality is difficult to pigeonhole into a category. For him, a deal isn’t necessarily always a deal, and a bargain isn’t always honored to the letter. As seen in the situation with his corrupt employer, Zioran isn’t a bad individual. He is typically honorable, but would stab someone in the back to save a friend. While he is generally selfish in his personal quest for power and enlightenment, he is not so completely self-absorbed as to step on (or over) anyone to get there.


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