The Mural on the Wall

Thelekanos the Thrice Beacon, Champion of the Triad

(Thelekanos’ past as understood by the Court of the Vigilant One at Everwatch)

Empowered by the Triad with immortality, Thelekanos, an archangel servitor of Helm in charge of the Greater Good, led numerous assaults against abyssal forces including the followers of Asmodeus and Graz’zt. His efforts largely kept Faerun unaffected by demonic forces during its formative years. However, a battle at the Temple of the Watering Eye led him into direct conflict with Hexallup, the hermaphroditic child of Graz’zt’s major domo Verin. Upon slaying Hexallup, Thelekanos inherited the demon’s curse of perfect foresight. Soon after, the angel’s methods began to change.

Frustrated with the inability to prevent any of the countless conflicts that had yet to come, Thelekanos no longer felt satisfied stamping out the occasional evil. He began to see Faerun, the planes, and time as part of a much larger picture. He became obsessed with altering the future and stopping the endless bloodshed that haunted his waking moments. In the end, he came to a single conclusion: the godwars must end.

Feeling Thelekanos’ torment, Ilmater confided in Helm and the two confronted their champion. Thelekanos hid nothing and confessed his intentions: wean mankind of their dependence upon the divine and to alter the future regardless of cost. He admitted such a path entailed countless acts of violence and sacrifice of innocent life. He told the pair to end his existence if they wished to prevent his misdeeds.

Without deliberation, Helm drew his sword and attempted to subdue or slay his wayward protege but was stopped by Ilmater. The Tortured One would not allow a noble and proven champion to be executed before even committing a single transgression. There’s always a choice, he argued.

A tense compromise was made, Thelekanos would be stripped of the majority of his powers. His immortality, however, could not be revoked while the Triad remained alive. The disgraced servant was banished to the material plane. While Ilmater hoped Thelekanos wouldn’t have the heart to do as promised, Helm was convinced they’d live to regret their leniency.

He was proved right.

Thelekanos determined Ilmater’s compassion to the be the root of the continued conflict. Evil persisted because the pantheon of good lacked the stomach to do what needed to be done. Thelekanos didn’t have to look hard for a plan to undermine The Chained Lord’s pantheon. He simply had to peer into his own future.

While hundreds of years passed in relative quiet, Ilmater could no longer turn a blind eye to Thelekanos’ activities after the former celestial orchestrated a Yaun-ti sacrifice of over 3,000 souls and began to infiltrate and subvert the teachings of his church. Ilmater turned to Helm and the two eventually captured and imprisoned Thelekanos in the Heartlands.



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