The Mural on the Wall

Information at the Bridge of Bone


“Knowing now of my curse, knowing that I have seen and relied on every move you thus far made, you peruse me still without question or pause? I have released you from slavery as I have done countless others; yet, still you follow. Do you for a second question your part in this? You could flee… live out a normal, perhaps, happy life, innocent of the things to come. You would have children and time enough to watch them become as men. Your memory would be wiped clean of the Godwars. With or without your presence, the crutch of mankind will not last; yet my offer is of contentment and peace is genuine.
The choice is yours alone, but long have I known your answer. Fate or not, understand in the years to come you chose not to turn away, not to cleanse yourself of all this horror. Know I never forced your hand. Continue with the understanding that your judgment alone is responsible for the death to come. Follow me… and you’ll have your answers…. stained though your souls will be.”
The image of Thelek walks back to the tatooed elf. “I need time. We they persist, kill them.” Finished, the image fades as the elf nods and unfurls his spear. “A Hundred Fold,” the elf promises, “Before the debt fulfilled.” Preparing, the elf closes his eyes and breathes deep.

Herlox, Angel of Necessity

“Mortals, I apologize for the previous actions of my order. I, if not my brethren, understand your intent. You have suffered much for the benefit of others. Yet, the stakes you play at reach far beyond your own presence and life span. I will allow you go as you please or even to transport you topside should you wish, but I fear I cannot allow you to pursue Thelek further. Leave the rest to us, you have done enough and deserve far more then what waits in the depths below.”

Answer why Thelek is here:

“Here, this place- Thelekanos’ presence can mean but one thing. He seeks to awaken the monstrosity he vanquished here in the service of Helm millenniums ago. Golurark, the Silver Hunger, Exarch of the Lurker. Of Golurark or Thelek, I can say no more for I have already broken far too many vows for one sun’s passing. Go, I implore you. Although I wish you nothing but long, fulfilled lives, I will not, can not stay my blade should you linger.”



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